Sunday - 10:30 AM Worship Service Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM

Serving the world

We love to help people identify their gifts and show them how they can turn their strengths into meaningful action. So whether your gifting is a welcoming smile, Being Technically Savvy, or discipling the next generation, we have a place for you!


This team works to ensure that every person who walks through our doors has the best experience possible. Positions include Experience Guides, Seating Team, Greeting, and more.


This team works to exceed the highest standards in audio, video, lighting, and Livestream production. This team is essential in enhancing environments to provide a distraction-free worship experience. Creative elements such as photography, film, and graphic design are produced through this team as well.


The Kids Team believes in the next generation of dreamers and world changers. We are constantly working towards the goal of building a strong foundation in God's Word into our kids. All while having fun while doing it!


The Worship Team leads us into worship through music and other elements. Each member of this team is passionate and expectant when it comes to encountering the presence of God. They believe the stage is not theirs, but ultimately a chance to reflect God's glory!